On a warm Summers day in 1856 Frederick Lehmkuhl was resting next to a rippling stream when he looked up at the majestic blue mountain where the vultures were circling in this beautiful environment, where wild buck were peacefully grazing, the town of Willowmore was built in 1864.

Besides the fact that the development of the Willowmore region was initially coupled to the local Dutch Reformed Church and the school, the town also served as a gateway between the Great Karoo and a harbor which was going to be developed at Knysna.

As part of this growth, the Dutch Reformed Church built a rectory in Wehmeyer Street and a second story was added in 1897. This building later served as a hostel for girls over the years this stately building has been used by various owners for different purposes.

The old rectory is today known as “The Willow Historical Guest House” which is widely known for its beautiful Victorian furniture and its pleasant visitor’s bar.Today, Willowmore is no longer a definite gateway to the sea but offers tired travelers between the north and the south a restful place to overnight.